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Innovative outsourcing strategies for the legal expert 
Managing cases, clients, schedules can be a complicated task for law professionals. Even with the best legal assistant, paralegal, law clerk, or a top notch legal team, successful law firms and organizations will likely face unexpected challenges leading to sudden emergency staffing needs. This can even happen as a result of running the most organized and efficient practice. 

Managing an efficient team will likely entail rapid growth, increased responsibilities, more cases, more trusting clients, a booming practice!


Then the need to hire more personnel, enter into new partnerships, open new specialized departments, or even move to a new facility with more capacity for expansion. Certainly, most respectable practices feature a stylish website to introduce potential clients to their various specialized services, the staff, their credentials, and also some testimonials.
So Far, All is Well
But, occasionally when the need arises, HR or the office manager will get in touch with some recruitment agencies specialized in producing candidates to fill temporary, temp to hire, or permanent legal positions. But the need is not always for permanent staff. And sometimes the big question is “Where to turn”?  
Part of the solution to rapid growth and expansion of a legal team can be addressed using technology tools in the Cloud with on demand services.  The advancement in technology is such that its turnkey solutions are on high demand like never before. Law firms can now increase client base and expand their legal team all in one stop on Downtown Legal’s innovative Lead Network and its Marketplace Platform. 
Today, toddlers are already tech-savvy. The online business is exploding with cutting edge design, tools and resources. This explosion of innovation has paved a new way to connect with an emerging special niche of law experts and peers at the click of a button, on demand.
It’s time to maximize on innovation
Downtown Legal, Inc. has done some leg work and has put together a secure platform to connect law firms, solo practitioners, appellate experts, legal consultants, litigation & trial support experts. Also, consultants specialized in matters concerning healthcare, compliance, can be at reach, as well as data privacy & security, e-Discovery, records management and more.
This article will introduce you or provide you with more information on a new concept in the digital world, which promote particularly the remote support services of peers in the day to day legal practice of larger firms, corporations and judicial organizations. We are already familiar with the principle “Of counsel” services. However, this new concept brings more variety to the table.  Specialized, experienced, and licensed attorneys, who at times may be holding multi jurisdictional admissions, offering immediate expert services, on demand, anywhere within the United States. This principle will facilitate matching outsourcing firms with professionals on our online platform, local peers or peers admitted in other strategic jurisdictions in the United States and ready to tackle remotely any task or project needing immediate attention. This suggests that unusual talent and skills may also be within reach.

  1. Most likely, your firm has previously sought the services of outside vendors such as a court reporting firm; maybe at times, a language services company, or occasionally a legal support freelancer or a private investigator.
  2. Or, maybe you never quite ventured to experiment with the idea of using the services of a peer with the same confidence; possibly because the options available were limited or simply unknown to you.
Whatever the case may be, you will need a plan to contain the fires that your excellent practice will spark off; and you will need it fast. Your firm will probably be facing issues that your peers could manage quickly and efficiently based on reputable expertise and grant you the relief of knowing your legal team can be operating efficiently, remotely or in-house, when your practice requires higher levels of professional touch.
What if your firm could access an automated site to assign some of your overflow of tasks and projects to like minded, successful and experienced professionals as yourself, in your own specialized field of practice under one secure online platform?
How it Works:
(1) When you fill out a Lead Form (no sign up required) requesting the special skills your practice is in need of, the system will automatically match your request with peers registered under Downtown Peers℠, down to the specific area of practice and jurisdiction. Admin may assist in matching manually too, if necessary. Once matched, you will receive free quotes and you can then choose your preferred consultant for the job.
(2) You can also head over to the Marketplace Services on Downtown Biz℠ and search for the specific service(s) needed, contact the consultant, or order preset services directly online. This platform could facilitate a virtual extension of your legal team as it features other providers who offer legal support services as well as those who offer legal services to peers.
(3) Another option to find your best matching peer on the site is to Post A Project.  Unlike sending a request through the lead form, this time, your request will post on a specific page dedicated for Freelance Projects.  Interested and qualified members will respond with their quotes and you can choose your preferred consultant for the job. Login to Post A Project from your Dashboard,
Downtown Peers℠  has the potential of becoming your lifeline in providing access to top notch legal consultants in the legal industry in your specific areas of practice. Downtown Peers℠ is a Peer-to-Peer platform dedicated to law firms, solo practitioners, corporate legal, courtrooms, and other legal organizations within the US. It is a service offered exclusively by peers to peers, by lawyers for lawyers. All the legal support solutions you may be in need of under a few specific categories, which include Downtown Peers℠.
The platform operates under a simple theme: Find, Post, Market, Hire, Get Hired!
Visit Downtown Peers to learn more about this Top Category in the Lead Network. Explore our categories, check out the Demo and discuss with your legal team. As you know, enlightenment comes when ideas collide. Decide whether you will be an outsourcing peer or a consulting peer, or both! We will continue to update the site design to feature your most sought-after services, tools and resources that would help enhance your practice.
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