Main Street is an important part of Downtown. It reflects the place where life downtown connects on one main street where all is now possible:

A convergence of specialties where you will find not just attorneys, law firms and courthouses, but all you can usually find in a downtown setting, which is "Not About Legal".

On Main Street such can be a product, service, restaurant, coffee shop, mall, movie theater, taxi, rideshare, limo service, real estate, packing & shipping company, boutique, fashion shop, dealership, cleaning service, supermarket, hospital, and more


Downtown Legal has made room for diversification with its special platform in the cloud, Downtown MainStreet℠.  This new community is created for Main Street entrepreneurs, merchants, vendors, and businesses who specialize in products and services Not About Legal.


The good news for the legal pros is that MainStreet is also a part of the journey.  And the good news for the MainStreet community, the legal pros need your products and services as well. The legal pros get to shop, dine, travel, request services, attend events and more on MainStreet, Downtown.

What would Downtown be like without Main Street? Take a look into this new concept and, this time, join the crowd on MainStreet. Bring your innovation, automation, creativity, talents and all that makes you great and leads to the progress, growth, and expansion of not only your business or brand but this cloud community as a whole.

If you are a seasoned entrepreneur or established business, you can sign up to get listed on the Main Street Yellow Pages Directory.  You will also find out how you can increase your online presence, market your local products and services, receive online orders directly, and manage all conveniently from your Dashboard.

If you are not in business yet, join us in the cloud to start a home-based business, sell your products and services, and market it on the same platform.  No mask requirement!  This platform offers many opportunities for those without income (or those affected by companies closing down recently) to maximize on. From your dashboard, you can run your business with multiple streams of income. Do what you are already good at and keep the income coming.

To get started visit the website, browse Downtown MainStreet Services, which is one of Downtown Legal's Top Categories. Register free to start selling your products & services, advertise in classifieds ads, sell residential and commercial real estate, post events, coupons and more all at nominal fees.

Register, Login to run your cloud business from the account Dashboard.

By downtownlegal

Creating innovative strategies for legal teams to form in the cloud connecting legal organizations with legal support service providers and turnkey technology like a lead network, e-commerce marketplace, and a main street atmosphere to facilitate more connection of the legal platform with services not about legal.

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